Wednesday, 12 October 2011

lost a week!

will get back to last week later but right now all I can say is, I am soaked!!!

I choose to not drive my car as often as possible and that has been a HUGE change for me.  I am totally OK with riding the rocket but I cannot get my head around preparing for the weather.  I have never worried about rain as I just had to run from my car to a building but now....not so much. Tonight was my wet Waterloo.

What is lacking in my weather preparation arsenal?  Well, I loathe using an umbrella.  I don't want to carry one and then not use it and the one I do have is big with an over-the-shoulder strap for carrying which I love, but I have almost impaled a few fellow transit travellers. I find the little tiny fold up ones either so small you might as well not have one or you can't get them to close when you are done with them and, finally, I just like to have my hands free.  I usually have a million other things I am carrying so an umbrella is just a royal pain.

What I prefer is a raincoat made out of real raincoat fabric WITH a hood.  Do you know how unusual it is to find a stylish rain coat with a hood???  Unusual.  Why? Doesn't the idea of a hood on a coat that is meant to keep you dry in the rain seem logical?

I found one I loved, loved, loved BUT it was $200....sorry, I'd rather buy an iPod.  So, that leaves buying an umbrella. After tonight I am breaking down.  Tomorrow I shop.

Any advice you car-less people?  I salute you for having endured too many downpours to mention!!  I admire you for keeping your feet on the ground and money in your pocket by not buying a car.  Did you know that some people/families spend more dollars on the cost of a car(s) i.e own/lease, insurance etc. than on rent or mortgage??   Now that's a blogworthy rant!  Some other time, need a cup of tea and a towel to dry my hair stat!!!

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