Monday, 31 October 2011

garbage stage!

Yesterday was the last day of Car Free Sundays at Kensington Market. We didn't get there in the thick of the activity but when we did arrive later in the evening, there were still bands performing at the Garbage Stage and tons of people were out in Halloween attire. It was a totally groovy acid flashback for me!!!

Garbage Stage??? Yes!! Picture a back alley that you wouldn't dare to walk down for starters. First you enter through a frayed curtain, donations kindly accepted for the musicians btw!! You still can't quite see where it is you are going but you can see shiny lights ahead and hear the music. Your eyes adjust and you come in to a courtyard/garage area. The garage is the bar/lounge/dance floor that is also painted so you can play Twister and at the end of the alley is the Garbage Stage.

In the back corner of the alley/stage is a massive metal sculpture that holds up the one corner of a tarp roof. There are 3 sides of you-name-it-they-nailed-it-up to surround the stage and hold up the rest of the "roof"! Attached to these walls are every found object you can imagine. It is reuse and recycle at its best!!! Hilarious!!!

And the party was happening!! Music, light show, costumes, dancing, hula hoops twirling, amazing grafiti and spectacular vibe with a heady aroma of je ne sais quoi. I've been trying to find some pics of the night but none so far. I suggest a road trip when the event begins again in the spring! During the day, musicians perform throughout the market area and all the shops and restaurants are open. People watching is top drawer.

Car Free London, think what you can grow up to be!!

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