Wednesday, 25 July 2012

dancin, dancin, she's a dancin machine!

First workshop in two years and I'm alive and it's day three!!!  Seriously, Monday night my left knee and ball of left foot hurt so much I was having panic attacks that I might not be able to make it through the rest of the week.  But, after ice and stretching the following day (and some alcohol the night of), I managed to feel pretty darn good for the next two days.

I am working on a tangos (nothing at all like ballroom/Argentine).  It's a dance for a party atmosphere so it's a cute/sexy/fun/tongue-in-cheek kind of dance.  We are learning a choreography but you can pull it apart to use and make it your own.   The best thing ever is that when I get home I can actually remember the choreography instead of everything being a-huge-blank-as-it-was-so-fast-and-so-beyond -my-skill-set-that-I-shouldn't-have-spent-the-$$$-to-be-in-that-class-kind-of-black-hole!!!  Wow, after 8 years I am sort of starting to get this madness called flamenco!

My day is coming to an early end and my bed is calling to me.  Night all!

Saturday, 14 July 2012

and it's July part 2

hmmmm, for some reason video did not link to my first posting. Just tried it again, and no.

So, I give up, and I need to eat so, google Adela Campallo on you tube and check out the videos!!!

Fringe-ing and Bloor Cinema

I sadly must admit I only got to one Fringe show but I visited the Fringe alley several times which was most entertaining.  Beer, people watching, a small performance stage, a Punch and Judy type show and food and art vendors.  The show I saw was entitled Numbers...the artist doing live painting during the performances is a friend of mine from flamenco and the director Lukas, also has connections to flamenco.  A brief description of the show makes you wonder how it can work but work it did!!;postID=5111804979779994353

Fringe Toronto has 155 shows to see over the week.  You need serious time to choose your venues and travel time and decide what shows you want to see.  I had a selection but something else always came sitting on a patio with a friend you ran in to.

I did get to see Coast Modern at the Bloor Cinema this week which was brilliant.  Thanks to Sandra in LO for letting me know what's going on in TO!!!  You are 2 for 2 in recommendations for fabulous films.

Couldn't find a link with film footage but this is the best, if somewhat lengthy, article about the film and the history of this architectural style.  It's the landscaping and view of garden/forest that I really love....and, I'm becoming a minimalist about stuff.  I still like me a couch with comfy cushions and an arm to lean your back up against while snuggled up reading a book or watching a movie.  Mostly I love the open concept of these homes.  I could live in one big room (with a private bath!!!) and be quite happy.

oops, you might have to cut and paste these links

Thursday, 5 July 2012

and it's July!!

Yes, I was in popcorn land for the Long Weekend, that's all I have to say about that!

I am going to get to some Toronto Fringe shows over the next week which makes me very happy and my birthday is coming up and I booked the day off to do something entertaining.  Will let you know what I come up with!!!

What I am really excited about is a week-long dance workshop coming up July 23-28!  Yeah, it's been a while since I have danced every day so it's excitement combined with checking my Advil supply.  I am going to be studying a palo (style) called tangos (not to be confused with what you see on DWTS!!)  I am excited as it is a palo I am fairly comfortable with dancing and singing(not at the same time)  so I may actually finish off the week being able to remember and use choreography in the future.  That is major, usually you are so overwhelmed at the pace of the classes, you can't remember a thing!!!

From Spain, Adela....enjoy!