Thursday, 28 June 2012

and now June is gone...

let's see....checking my calendar for June.....rehearsed, worked, helped out at a fund-raiser for one of my dance schools, went to a few movies (weee, passes!!!), tequila shots in the backyard, worked more, finally got to watch some soccer, drove around a golf course in a cart, did not play, errands, errands and more errands, sang and danced at a year end recital, sat in the sun in the backyard, sat on the front porch late at night, worked more, avoided going outside many days for too long because of the heat/smog, got addicted to a new TV series "Bunheads", watched The Lord of the Rings trilogy, had a lovely dinner in a friends backyard and worked.  The errands, errands and more errands occured because of the work and I got a whole bunch of stuff bought that I had been putting off forever!!!  Another perk besides the movie passes I enjoy:))))

Speaking of work:  Friday June 29 2:30-10, Saturday June 30 11-2 staff meeting followed by shift from 4:15-11:10 (yes, that is 12 hours pretty much stuck in one building), Sunday July 1 4-10:40, Monday July 2, 3:15-9:55, Tuesday July 3 1:30-8:10.

Oh, by the way, Dark Knight opens June 20.  This film will be starting at 10 am with final show going in at midnight.  I'm told that is the routine for the entire run of the movie.

I have nothing else to say except I hope by the end of July I have a few things besides work shifts written on my calendar.

Monday, 18 June 2012

check it off the list...

I've always been a list girl...I guess I should say a-file-and-a-notebook-and-multiple-pieces-of-paper girl.  When a place intrigues me, I set information aside for future possibilities.  "Places" include cities, countries, restaurants, gardens, spas, retreats, dance studios, button stores and the like.  A few weeks ago, I managed to check one of them off my list and I can say it did not disappoint.

A mild freak out about how much I was working got me motivated (or slightly over-reacting that I was never going to have time to do anything anymore) and on my first day off, I travelled a short ways from my house to the McMichael Gallery in Vaughan, ON.  The number of times I planned to go over the last 15 years, seriously, and I just never went!!!  It's an easy drive north of the 401 on Islington (forget taking the 400) and voila, there you are.

Gorgeous piece of property, no doubt stunning in the fall , short trails to walk, places to picnic, parking is $5.  I had taken a picnic lunch but it was so damn hot I lasted about 20 minutes even in the shade.  I was so pleased with the Group of Seven collection, learning the history of the property and the formation of the group, etc etc.  What totally made my day though, was a special exhibit on until September 3 called Fashionality :  Dress and Identity in Contemporary Canadian Art.  Some day I should buy a camera that is compatible to my Mac!!!  Still can't find photos of my favourites but will keep looking!!!  Here's a few links to give you a taste.

If you like art and you like fashion and you want an easy, not too stressful sized gallery to visit, it's the one!!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

popcorn land

My journey down the road of looking for a part-time job began in earnest in January.  The learning curve was drastic and I skidded and collided with the on-line world of uploading and e-lerts and just trying to present myself on paper.  Hadn't applied for a job since 1978!!!  For four months I applied on-line and in person at the few places left that will actually let you do that.

I have always wanted to work in a movie theatre and kept applying as jobs were posted at various locations.  Cineplex Coliseum Mississagua was farther afield than I was thinking but, after 4 months of nothing, a 20 minute drive did not seem like much of a deterrent.

Long story short, first interview in April was 2 1/2 hours in length!!!  Role playing, skits, problem-solving, filling out forms, a 1 on 1 interview, yes, for selling popcorn.  Three weeks later, a 10 minute phone interview and a job offer.  YAHOO!!!  Training began May 5 & 6 with fourteen hours of information on theft, fraud, harassment, health and safety etc etc.  A further 18 hours of training continued after that.  Much standing and listening was required during these sessions, I believe in an attempt to see who would start complaining about their legs and feet and lower back first!!  I am proud to say the 20-somethings broke before I did!!!

My first official shifts were over the May 24 weekend....from frying pan into the fire!!!  Over thirty hours in 5 days.  My brain shut down one shift for about an hour, wasn't really sure people were speaking English to me. Wow, be nice to anyone on Concession with an in-training badge on....what you have to initially process to work concession is unbelievable!!!   The day of my third shift I was feeling pretty cocky about myself and then got slammed!!  In a very short period of time, I experienced my first super rude adult and then a super rude adolescent and a whole bunch of coupons I had not worked with came along and I was rattled big time.

Three weeks in now and I am getting my head wrapped around shifts, booking time off and co-ordinating work with my dance classes etc.  The management and staff are a pleasure to work with and I enjoy the weekly movie pass (for 2).  Sweet!!

Gotta run, extra rehearsals right now for my dance recital coming up.  Hilarious,  I feel like I'm 12 when I say dance recital!!!!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Flamenguitos del Norte

These are my Toronto peeps and they are coming to London for a show!!!  Some of the London flamencos will recognize Larissa (in the centre of photo) as she danced with us in London.  Larissa was also a student of mine at Laurier Secondary School....small world.  Larissa began studying flamenco with Esmeralda Enrique as a young girl living in Toronto before her move to London.

From left to right:  Carla  (teaches Sevillanas at Esmeralda's studio), Catherine also performs with another Toronto company, Lia has recently moved from Vancouver, Ben and Dennis (our guitarists), Tamar sings with Esmeralda's company and is currently my singing teacher, and in front is Shirley, who also sings for Esmeralda and in polka dot skirt is Rei, a little firecracker of a dancer!!!

Rei and I met in September at cuadro (performance group) and I have been blessed to sing for her and learn from her extraordinary pool of flamenco knowledge. 

Ole Flamenguitos!!