Monday, 26 December 2011

Doris Day day!!

Christmas Eve day commenced with a phone call from Jennifer's dad in Michigan. When asked how I was going to spend my day, I told him of the roadtrip/lunch date with friends he knows. Warren replied "there was nothing better than a day spent with nice people and a good meal".

Let me introduce you to the 1964 Studebaker Avanti that was the cherry on top of a super-size sundae of a day! If you google said car, you will get lots of pics of the interior which are fantastic. However, I did not post those pics as they overlooked the BEST FEATURE EVER! When you open the glove box, a small drawer slides out with a flip up mirror and room for lipstick, comb, compact, perfume perhaps!! All the necessities a female passenger could not go for a drive without. Is there one picture of this feature?? NO!!

This pic shows the colour of Kent's car and he has "matching" aqua 1960 style sunglasses for the passenger...hilarious!!! Doris Day anyone!!! It was a car well looked at on the freeway and wherever we parked, so you really wanted to look your best.

On the drive up to Napa Valley wine country, we visited a combination garden/restaurant/wine tasting/Christmas Wonderland/architectural/salvage centre. That was a good hour of "o my God, look at this!!!" Our adventure landed us in St. Helena's for lunch at an Italian trattoria that looked like it had been plucked from the Italian countryside. A most enjoyable meal with great people!

We drove back towards San Francisco as the sun was setting which is a beautiful time to drive....the colours of the sky and surrounding hills and fields are spectacular. Could have been in any number of Doris' movies I swear!! Near the top of my list for Best Christmas Eve day ever.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

yay! yay! yay!

so excited! My luddite brain figured out why I couldn't post pics to my blog!!! OMG....Angela, I know you are so proud of me right now!!! Don't ask if I figured out my camera problem right now though...maybe???

This pic is from the Toronto International Flamenco Festival in October 2011 with teachers from Spain and flamenco friends from across Canada. It was awesome!!

had a "me party" day!

and night! Got really antsy yesterday and for the first time in a week, I was unable to sit around the house. Got myself out of pj/sweatpants mode and set out for some shopping of the garage sale/thrift store variety and a visit to my favourite coffee/sandwich/sweet shop, Emporio Rulli in Larkspur. Heavenly Italian goodies. My addiction are "palm hearts" which are crunchy, buttery layers of goodness glazed with caramel.

Later that day I went to The Seafood Peddler for Happy Hour (prawns, clam chowder, oysters, wine). Nothing like Happy Hour in the USA plus the restaurant was swarmed by people coming to watch the San Rafael Lighted Boat Parade.

Good times! A guy lost his balance and fell off the dock for starters! The best boat was decked out like a pirate ship with skull and cross bones and parrot lights. Somewhere there was a Santa I think?? They had an air gun at the bow and a flame thrower off the port to simulate cannon fire. Now, the Marine Police do join the parade and they put a cheesy string of lights on their boat. Unfortunately, they were right by the pirate ship during a particular noisy display in the most crowded viewing section. So, what do they do but go on a loud speaker and tell the pirate ship to "cease firing the air gun or you will receive a citation". Do you think there was boo-ing from the crowd!

Made my way home to walk the dog and still couldn't sit still so I went to the Fairfax movie theatre to see "The Muppets". There was myself and 4 other adults who deliberately picked the 9:20 pm movie so there were no children!! My favourite?? When the hens sing Forget You, Walter whistling and Rainbow Connection. If you haven't seen the movie yet, the "me party" number is OK too!

Friday, 16 December 2011

one week already...

arrived last Friday night and poof, it's gone. Jennifer, Ken and I had a whirlwind weekend of Secret Santa exchanges and a cocktail party in the city before they left for the Yucatan.

Charley and Birdie and I are actually enjoying each others company all in one room, at the same time. Certainly not an event that occurred last year!! Birdey (cat) no longer spends her life on top of a very tall wardrobe to avoid Charley. Right now they are sleeping at opposite ends of the same's a Christmas miracle. Or, it's that Charley got fixed and is much calmer? No, I'm going with miracle, it's that time of year.

Today I walked in to Fairfax to partake in a Bunny Hop...a delish carrot, apple, lemon, ginger concoction. Fairfax = Kensington Market (TO), totally feels like I stepped back in to the 70's!! They have a fantastic old movie theatre on the main street which I will be visiting over the next week...a little Kermie, Clooney and Downey are easily on my Christmas wish list.

Interestingly, I decided to take another route this year in to town which started with stairs that lead from my street down the hill. What's that you say? Sidewalk at the bottom??? No, no, no... these steps lead you down right on to the main road, the very busy road, the only road that gets you anywhere in the area kind of busy road. Gobsmacked. Oh, there's the sidewalk!!! About 20 steps away, watch out for trucks and cyclists and step out. Doesn't this have sue-your-ass USA written all over it? Hilarious!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

whoa 2011, slow down!

blink, blur, gone!! Angela, you must be spinning!! Not too many sleeps till your year in Oz comes to an end.

I can't believe I haven't had time to post since Nov 24! But I've been having fun!!!

A trip back to London for some pre-Christmas frenzy....I have discovered that coming home for 4 days is not long enough. Even Dean commented on how early I was getting up to start the meet for coffee, lunch, cocktails, errands, dinner, go to the party, brunch, get to the theatre, appointments kind of days.

Believe me when I say I slept in on Tuesday, especially after I got up and saw snow on the ground. So, I unpacked, did laundry, and started to pack again.

I fit in the last rehearsal I can attend for a month....that doesn't make me nervous. Right when the details of the show are being finalized. We are going to set up a Skype rehearsal while I am away. Hilarious!!

Anyways, 2 more sleeps till I am in sunny?????? California..please please please let me feel the sun a few more days than I did last Christmas (5 days out of 30 to be exact!!)

Here I come Charley, get ready for some serious dog walking!!!