Friday, 16 December 2011

one week already...

arrived last Friday night and poof, it's gone. Jennifer, Ken and I had a whirlwind weekend of Secret Santa exchanges and a cocktail party in the city before they left for the Yucatan.

Charley and Birdie and I are actually enjoying each others company all in one room, at the same time. Certainly not an event that occurred last year!! Birdey (cat) no longer spends her life on top of a very tall wardrobe to avoid Charley. Right now they are sleeping at opposite ends of the same's a Christmas miracle. Or, it's that Charley got fixed and is much calmer? No, I'm going with miracle, it's that time of year.

Today I walked in to Fairfax to partake in a Bunny Hop...a delish carrot, apple, lemon, ginger concoction. Fairfax = Kensington Market (TO), totally feels like I stepped back in to the 70's!! They have a fantastic old movie theatre on the main street which I will be visiting over the next week...a little Kermie, Clooney and Downey are easily on my Christmas wish list.

Interestingly, I decided to take another route this year in to town which started with stairs that lead from my street down the hill. What's that you say? Sidewalk at the bottom??? No, no, no... these steps lead you down right on to the main road, the very busy road, the only road that gets you anywhere in the area kind of busy road. Gobsmacked. Oh, there's the sidewalk!!! About 20 steps away, watch out for trucks and cyclists and step out. Doesn't this have sue-your-ass USA written all over it? Hilarious!

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