Friday, 30 September 2011

see this film at the theatre!

Even if you are not a danceophile, do not miss Pina on the big screen in 3D.  No worries, porte a bras nor grande battements have you ducking but the texture added to the performances is extraordinary.  As one of the audience members declared at the end of the film, "it's what 3D was meant for".  Exquisite choreography and cinematography combines with joy and sadness.  The loss of Pina Bausch to the dance world and these company dancers is palpable.  I have not been this awe struck by movement in a long time.

Pina was part of TIFF so I do not know the Canadian release date but watch for it.  It may be a limited run in London ON!!  Not sure if the Hyland can handle 3D??? It is available in 2D which I would like to see  for comparison...regardless of how you get to see it, don't miss the opportunity.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

and it's just my imagina-a-tion!

as a sometimes claustrophobic person, you would think that hurtling at a high a tin a tube....underground....with no light at the end of the tunnel, would not be high on my list of "this is so cool". But it is!  My favourite part is when the train moves slowly, especially in the oldest area near Union Station, and you can survey the tunnel itself.  Where does that lead? What can't I see?  And then....I whisper...."Vincent"....

Sunday, 25 September 2011

to all fashion frugalistas

This weekend was The Clothing Show, something I've seen flyers posted about for years but have never been able to attend.  So, as a new Torontonian, I was not going to pass up the opportunity to check it out.  The word is, save up your pennies, save the date and don't let this one get by you next September!

One of a Kind? I enjoy drooling at the artistry, creativity, quality and diversity of the vendors, no question.  But the gasping at the price tags exhausts me. The conversation in my head about "what I wouldn't do if I won the lottery" is on a constant loop when I go.

But, at The Clothing Show, my passion for funky frugalista finds was fulfilled.  It is held at the Queen Elizabeth Building, Exhibition Place Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday usually the third weekend in September.  (The QE is approximately the size of the Canada Building at Western Fair so very manageable).  Fashion shows, where the models are surly, are held 3 times each day.  You can grab a light lunch...don't even think about packing a cannot carry enough food with you to keep your strength up for this event!   It's not crazy like the old Hadassah Bazaar days fortunately but there is just so much to look at and go through.  And, all the vendors were lovely and up for a good chat.

Here's what makes it fab.u.lous.  First, a large section of funky local designers for clothing (mostly for women), jewellery and accessories with some doggie boutiques and a few food specialties thrown in to the mix.  Prices were very reasonable and they all had a sales rack well worth snooping through.  Next, there was a good size section of vintage.  Many of the vendors were from outside of TO and prices varied but were, for the most part, affordable.  The most enjoyable part was the section for Sample Sales.  A few vendors were big and messy but the small booths were fantastic....really clearing out some good quality pieces.  $5, $10, $20 racks made me swoon.

Admission at door is $10 or $8 on-line AND before you leave,  get a readmission ticket so you can come back all three days on one ticket!  Sweet!

Check it out at and then put it on your calendar for next fall!

Friday, 23 September 2011

one of my favourite things....

a good night's sleep!! O my fellow, "Why am I awake still?" comrades...and you know the air is blue when I am thinking this!!!  The joy of a whole night slept through is beyond words.  I have been sleeping like a log...jealous much:)))))  No, not 100% but pretty darn close.  Must be the amount of walking you do when you stop using your car ALL the time.

But, numero uno importante, a good mattress!!  Now, back in the day, I could sleep anywhere (I hear the hooting on that statement!)  I was referring to the fact that I could sleep on a bus, a train, at an airport or a deckchair on a boat.  Hell, I slept in a field by the side of the road on Crete after a bad night of hitchhiking!!!  Yeah, it was 2-star digs, I had a sleeping bag!  Can I get an amen for a fabulous mattress!!

By Thursday, my brain, my feet, my body are short circuiting so Friday has become my day and night of doing as little as possible.  I have a rehearsal from 2-4 with a guitarist and dancer.  I am singing.  I love Fridays for this reason.  And I  love it MORE as the rehearsal is at my house.  Many of you will remember me gushing about the fact that Christine has a rehearsal space downstairs....seriously, I did not gush enough!!

So I guess this should really be titled two of my favourite things!!!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

luddite with a laptop....

oh, and good lord, now she's got a blog...

Yeah, the dates are a little skewed right now as I had been writing and saving as I fooled around, but what the hell,  here it is!  It's truly the only way for me to keep in touch with everyone.  Hopefully it can only get better as I get into the swing of it!!!

and this is how my blog got it's name!

daaay 2!

Christine and I were officially roommates for 24 hours!  I arrived at 4 pm yesterday and she left today at 4 pm.  Now, it's just me and the kitties, Tika and Chino.  I have big plans to get the car unloaded and right in to sorting....not with my attention span!!

Such a beautiful day that I had to go for a walk in my new 'hood.  I found the mailbox, grocery store, library (YAHOO) and a lovely park.  The neighbourhood has lots of mature trees, well maintained homes and it is very quiet considering we are so close to 427.  Everyone says hello and all ages seem represented.  I would say the neighbourhood reminds me of the area near Westminster Secondary and over towards Springbank Drive. However, many of these homes have been bought recently and quadrupled in size so it's quite an odd collection of architecture.  When I can find the cord I need for my camera, I will post some will surface someday!!!

and so it begins!!

Sept a life that has involved much travel and adventure, as of today, I have officially changed my address from London, Ontario for the very first time!!!  My car is like a Jenga puzzle and now I have to take it apart piece by piece....what went in that way must come out that way!!!

I feel like I've just found I'm out I'm going to Disneyland...."I'm so excited!!!"

Bringing in just what I need for tonight...don't want to get in Christine's way as she is packing to leave for Europe for 6  weeks...much weighing of luggage and transferring of stuff.....there will be no layering on of clothes at the case we've forgotten, visualize together shall we, Angela heading to OZ, being ridiculously expensively overweight on her luggage BUT also has packed for a YEAR!!  Leaving said line to put as many layers of clothes on to get them out of her luggage, Angela returns unable to put her arms down by her sides and already sweating profusely...still lmao 9 months later!