Wednesday, 21 September 2011

daaay 2!

Christine and I were officially roommates for 24 hours!  I arrived at 4 pm yesterday and she left today at 4 pm.  Now, it's just me and the kitties, Tika and Chino.  I have big plans to get the car unloaded and right in to sorting....not with my attention span!!

Such a beautiful day that I had to go for a walk in my new 'hood.  I found the mailbox, grocery store, library (YAHOO) and a lovely park.  The neighbourhood has lots of mature trees, well maintained homes and it is very quiet considering we are so close to 427.  Everyone says hello and all ages seem represented.  I would say the neighbourhood reminds me of the area near Westminster Secondary and over towards Springbank Drive. However, many of these homes have been bought recently and quadrupled in size so it's quite an odd collection of architecture.  When I can find the cord I need for my camera, I will post some will surface someday!!!

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