Sunday, 25 September 2011

to all fashion frugalistas

This weekend was The Clothing Show, something I've seen flyers posted about for years but have never been able to attend.  So, as a new Torontonian, I was not going to pass up the opportunity to check it out.  The word is, save up your pennies, save the date and don't let this one get by you next September!

One of a Kind? I enjoy drooling at the artistry, creativity, quality and diversity of the vendors, no question.  But the gasping at the price tags exhausts me. The conversation in my head about "what I wouldn't do if I won the lottery" is on a constant loop when I go.

But, at The Clothing Show, my passion for funky frugalista finds was fulfilled.  It is held at the Queen Elizabeth Building, Exhibition Place Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday usually the third weekend in September.  (The QE is approximately the size of the Canada Building at Western Fair so very manageable).  Fashion shows, where the models are surly, are held 3 times each day.  You can grab a light lunch...don't even think about packing a cannot carry enough food with you to keep your strength up for this event!   It's not crazy like the old Hadassah Bazaar days fortunately but there is just so much to look at and go through.  And, all the vendors were lovely and up for a good chat.

Here's what makes it fab.u.lous.  First, a large section of funky local designers for clothing (mostly for women), jewellery and accessories with some doggie boutiques and a few food specialties thrown in to the mix.  Prices were very reasonable and they all had a sales rack well worth snooping through.  Next, there was a good size section of vintage.  Many of the vendors were from outside of TO and prices varied but were, for the most part, affordable.  The most enjoyable part was the section for Sample Sales.  A few vendors were big and messy but the small booths were fantastic....really clearing out some good quality pieces.  $5, $10, $20 racks made me swoon.

Admission at door is $10 or $8 on-line AND before you leave,  get a readmission ticket so you can come back all three days on one ticket!  Sweet!

Check it out at and then put it on your calendar for next fall!

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