Friday, 30 September 2011

see this film at the theatre!

Even if you are not a danceophile, do not miss Pina on the big screen in 3D.  No worries, porte a bras nor grande battements have you ducking but the texture added to the performances is extraordinary.  As one of the audience members declared at the end of the film, "it's what 3D was meant for".  Exquisite choreography and cinematography combines with joy and sadness.  The loss of Pina Bausch to the dance world and these company dancers is palpable.  I have not been this awe struck by movement in a long time.

Pina was part of TIFF so I do not know the Canadian release date but watch for it.  It may be a limited run in London ON!!  Not sure if the Hyland can handle 3D??? It is available in 2D which I would like to see  for comparison...regardless of how you get to see it, don't miss the opportunity.

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