Wednesday, 21 September 2011

and so it begins!!

Sept a life that has involved much travel and adventure, as of today, I have officially changed my address from London, Ontario for the very first time!!!  My car is like a Jenga puzzle and now I have to take it apart piece by piece....what went in that way must come out that way!!!

I feel like I've just found I'm out I'm going to Disneyland...."I'm so excited!!!"

Bringing in just what I need for tonight...don't want to get in Christine's way as she is packing to leave for Europe for 6  weeks...much weighing of luggage and transferring of stuff.....there will be no layering on of clothes at the case we've forgotten, visualize together shall we, Angela heading to OZ, being ridiculously expensively overweight on her luggage BUT also has packed for a YEAR!!  Leaving said line to put as many layers of clothes on to get them out of her luggage, Angela returns unable to put her arms down by her sides and already sweating profusely...still lmao 9 months later!


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