Friday, 23 September 2011

one of my favourite things....

a good night's sleep!! O my fellow, "Why am I awake still?" comrades...and you know the air is blue when I am thinking this!!!  The joy of a whole night slept through is beyond words.  I have been sleeping like a log...jealous much:)))))  No, not 100% but pretty darn close.  Must be the amount of walking you do when you stop using your car ALL the time.

But, numero uno importante, a good mattress!!  Now, back in the day, I could sleep anywhere (I hear the hooting on that statement!)  I was referring to the fact that I could sleep on a bus, a train, at an airport or a deckchair on a boat.  Hell, I slept in a field by the side of the road on Crete after a bad night of hitchhiking!!!  Yeah, it was 2-star digs, I had a sleeping bag!  Can I get an amen for a fabulous mattress!!

By Thursday, my brain, my feet, my body are short circuiting so Friday has become my day and night of doing as little as possible.  I have a rehearsal from 2-4 with a guitarist and dancer.  I am singing.  I love Fridays for this reason.  And I  love it MORE as the rehearsal is at my house.  Many of you will remember me gushing about the fact that Christine has a rehearsal space downstairs....seriously, I did not gush enough!!

So I guess this should really be titled two of my favourite things!!!

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