Sunday, 18 November 2012

Diana Vreeland - The Eye Has To Travel Official Trailer #1 (2012) Fashio...

hmmmm, limited attention span not allowing me to ponder any further how to not publish trailers in two separate posts.  Had another one posted in Think Pink post but liked official trailer better.

Bill Cunningham New York Trailer

this is a film for don't even need to like charmed by a "gentle man" in the truest sense of the word, admire a keen observer, applaud a man with principles, see how to age with grace and charm and, you just have to see his apartment!!!  A lesson learned about knowing what you need.

Diana Vreeland & Funny Face

Just cleaning out my purse and found my stub from TIFF Bell Lightbox for Diana Vreeland:  The Eye Has to Travel.  Well worth a look see for all fashionistas and if you are a pop culture junkie, she hung with them all.  Photos of nights out and galas and parties are a treat.  I  left the film admiring her chutzpa and accomplishments and would have loved to have had a cocktail (or two) with her!  It's not the connection you make with Bill Cunningham, New York but a deserving story to be told.

Plus, my favourite scene from Funny Face was fashioned after her, so more love by association.

 My only comment about the Vreeland film is that the thought behind "the eye has to travel" is great for a still photo but for moving images???  I was constantly saying, "wait, I wasn't done looking at that".  Good ploy, makes me want to own it so I can spend more time with content.

Separate post for Vreeland and Cunningham trailers!!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Gema Caballero


I came to TO to be taken over by flamenco and I can say it's almost 100%!! Three dance classes, 1 singing class for sure each week and another 2 opportunities to sing depending on work and then, as much as possible, I am practicing lyrics and choreography and listening to FlamencoBeat Radio out of Vancouver!!!  I added two dance classes since September (thanks, Loblaws!) and they are kicking me in the butt, literally, forgot how much dancing for two hours makes your hamstrings scream and burn.

I am concentrating in dance on bulerias and tangos.  For examples, google either of those palos (styles) on you tube either for baile or cante and you will see a gazilliono (that's Spanish, just add o, right Grant???) Not so specialized por cante, learning all kinds of palos.

In October, I studied cante for a week with Gema Caballero during the Toronto Flamenco Festival.  Ooops, I posted a you tube clip of Gema singing, gorgeous voice, that posted separately!!  We were learning siguriyas (one of the many possible spellings).  It is one of the hardest styles to understand the rhythm and how the words flow in and out of the rhythm.  It has taken me years to comprehend the palmas (clapping) for this palo.  I learned a lot and feel way more comfortable supporting a dancer or singer with palmas now.  Not sure I am ready to take on singing for a dancer!!  Baby steps....

Enjoy Gema!!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Wychwood Barns

I had often heard about the Barns but had not made the trek up to St. Clair and Bathurst until last spring. Shelley and I attended a Vintage Sale at the Barns and my eyes were opened to a truly fabulous retrofit of an old TTC facility.

Here's the link: (damn, once again I am reminded that I have not figured out how to get the links to hyperlink for you!!!)  The info and photos and videos of the history and development of this once industrial space into a community centre for the arts makes me smile.  This is what people can do!!!  Check it out for sure.

Here's the link for the vintage sale too.  The next sale is in April , 2013 I believe.

You aren't exhausted just thinking about going (like how I feel about going to the One of a Kind sale!!!) You can have a good snoop in a few hours and still have time to chat with the friendly vendors and customers. The quality is high and is priced accordingly but there is always a treasure or two to be found at your price point!!  Last year I found an extraordinary linen tea towel with each month represented by a dance from around the world.  Of course, you can imagine the squeeee I emitted when one of the months was flamenco.  This year I found two adorable brooches that I could not leave behind.  I must admit though, the reason I was so looking forward to going this year, was just to be back in the is energizing inside and out.  Cool neighbourhood as well.
front entrance of Barns, forgot to take pictures of back entrance which is totally amazing as well

just to right of main entrance

 lovely lighting, great goods

much busier last year, easy to get around, hope vendors did OK

my friend Sandra, we needed some serious non-flamenco shopping!

please, can I find a new winter coat that is not black!!!

loved grey/creme sweater
old transit signs=big love

no idea if he was waiting for owner to stop shopping or if he just saw a great spot for a sunny snooze!