Sunday, 18 November 2012

Diana Vreeland & Funny Face

Just cleaning out my purse and found my stub from TIFF Bell Lightbox for Diana Vreeland:  The Eye Has to Travel.  Well worth a look see for all fashionistas and if you are a pop culture junkie, she hung with them all.  Photos of nights out and galas and parties are a treat.  I  left the film admiring her chutzpa and accomplishments and would have loved to have had a cocktail (or two) with her!  It's not the connection you make with Bill Cunningham, New York but a deserving story to be told.

Plus, my favourite scene from Funny Face was fashioned after her, so more love by association.

 My only comment about the Vreeland film is that the thought behind "the eye has to travel" is great for a still photo but for moving images???  I was constantly saying, "wait, I wasn't done looking at that".  Good ploy, makes me want to own it so I can spend more time with content.

Separate post for Vreeland and Cunningham trailers!!

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