Thursday, 8 November 2012

Wychwood Barns

I had often heard about the Barns but had not made the trek up to St. Clair and Bathurst until last spring. Shelley and I attended a Vintage Sale at the Barns and my eyes were opened to a truly fabulous retrofit of an old TTC facility.

Here's the link: (damn, once again I am reminded that I have not figured out how to get the links to hyperlink for you!!!)  The info and photos and videos of the history and development of this once industrial space into a community centre for the arts makes me smile.  This is what people can do!!!  Check it out for sure.

Here's the link for the vintage sale too.  The next sale is in April , 2013 I believe.

You aren't exhausted just thinking about going (like how I feel about going to the One of a Kind sale!!!) You can have a good snoop in a few hours and still have time to chat with the friendly vendors and customers. The quality is high and is priced accordingly but there is always a treasure or two to be found at your price point!!  Last year I found an extraordinary linen tea towel with each month represented by a dance from around the world.  Of course, you can imagine the squeeee I emitted when one of the months was flamenco.  This year I found two adorable brooches that I could not leave behind.  I must admit though, the reason I was so looking forward to going this year, was just to be back in the is energizing inside and out.  Cool neighbourhood as well.
front entrance of Barns, forgot to take pictures of back entrance which is totally amazing as well

just to right of main entrance

 lovely lighting, great goods

much busier last year, easy to get around, hope vendors did OK

my friend Sandra, we needed some serious non-flamenco shopping!

please, can I find a new winter coat that is not black!!!

loved grey/creme sweater
old transit signs=big love

no idea if he was waiting for owner to stop shopping or if he just saw a great spot for a sunny snooze!

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  1. So wish I could have made it to the fall show, but I was all "Vintaged" out from NY. Thanks for posting photos from the show - great dog shot!