Sunday, 18 December 2011

had a "me party" day!

and night! Got really antsy yesterday and for the first time in a week, I was unable to sit around the house. Got myself out of pj/sweatpants mode and set out for some shopping of the garage sale/thrift store variety and a visit to my favourite coffee/sandwich/sweet shop, Emporio Rulli in Larkspur. Heavenly Italian goodies. My addiction are "palm hearts" which are crunchy, buttery layers of goodness glazed with caramel.

Later that day I went to The Seafood Peddler for Happy Hour (prawns, clam chowder, oysters, wine). Nothing like Happy Hour in the USA plus the restaurant was swarmed by people coming to watch the San Rafael Lighted Boat Parade.

Good times! A guy lost his balance and fell off the dock for starters! The best boat was decked out like a pirate ship with skull and cross bones and parrot lights. Somewhere there was a Santa I think?? They had an air gun at the bow and a flame thrower off the port to simulate cannon fire. Now, the Marine Police do join the parade and they put a cheesy string of lights on their boat. Unfortunately, they were right by the pirate ship during a particular noisy display in the most crowded viewing section. So, what do they do but go on a loud speaker and tell the pirate ship to "cease firing the air gun or you will receive a citation". Do you think there was boo-ing from the crowd!

Made my way home to walk the dog and still couldn't sit still so I went to the Fairfax movie theatre to see "The Muppets". There was myself and 4 other adults who deliberately picked the 9:20 pm movie so there were no children!! My favourite?? When the hens sing Forget You, Walter whistling and Rainbow Connection. If you haven't seen the movie yet, the "me party" number is OK too!

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