Monday, 26 December 2011

Doris Day day!!

Christmas Eve day commenced with a phone call from Jennifer's dad in Michigan. When asked how I was going to spend my day, I told him of the roadtrip/lunch date with friends he knows. Warren replied "there was nothing better than a day spent with nice people and a good meal".

Let me introduce you to the 1964 Studebaker Avanti that was the cherry on top of a super-size sundae of a day! If you google said car, you will get lots of pics of the interior which are fantastic. However, I did not post those pics as they overlooked the BEST FEATURE EVER! When you open the glove box, a small drawer slides out with a flip up mirror and room for lipstick, comb, compact, perfume perhaps!! All the necessities a female passenger could not go for a drive without. Is there one picture of this feature?? NO!!

This pic shows the colour of Kent's car and he has "matching" aqua 1960 style sunglasses for the passenger...hilarious!!! Doris Day anyone!!! It was a car well looked at on the freeway and wherever we parked, so you really wanted to look your best.

On the drive up to Napa Valley wine country, we visited a combination garden/restaurant/wine tasting/Christmas Wonderland/architectural/salvage centre. That was a good hour of "o my God, look at this!!!" Our adventure landed us in St. Helena's for lunch at an Italian trattoria that looked like it had been plucked from the Italian countryside. A most enjoyable meal with great people!

We drove back towards San Francisco as the sun was setting which is a beautiful time to drive....the colours of the sky and surrounding hills and fields are spectacular. Could have been in any number of Doris' movies I swear!! Near the top of my list for Best Christmas Eve day ever.

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