Thursday, 28 June 2012

and now June is gone...

let's see....checking my calendar for June.....rehearsed, worked, helped out at a fund-raiser for one of my dance schools, went to a few movies (weee, passes!!!), tequila shots in the backyard, worked more, finally got to watch some soccer, drove around a golf course in a cart, did not play, errands, errands and more errands, sang and danced at a year end recital, sat in the sun in the backyard, sat on the front porch late at night, worked more, avoided going outside many days for too long because of the heat/smog, got addicted to a new TV series "Bunheads", watched The Lord of the Rings trilogy, had a lovely dinner in a friends backyard and worked.  The errands, errands and more errands occured because of the work and I got a whole bunch of stuff bought that I had been putting off forever!!!  Another perk besides the movie passes I enjoy:))))

Speaking of work:  Friday June 29 2:30-10, Saturday June 30 11-2 staff meeting followed by shift from 4:15-11:10 (yes, that is 12 hours pretty much stuck in one building), Sunday July 1 4-10:40, Monday July 2, 3:15-9:55, Tuesday July 3 1:30-8:10.

Oh, by the way, Dark Knight opens June 20.  This film will be starting at 10 am with final show going in at midnight.  I'm told that is the routine for the entire run of the movie.

I have nothing else to say except I hope by the end of July I have a few things besides work shifts written on my calendar.

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