Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Flamenguitos del Norte

These are my Toronto peeps and they are coming to London for a show!!!  Some of the London flamencos will recognize Larissa (in the centre of photo) as she danced with us in London.  Larissa was also a student of mine at Laurier Secondary School....small world.  Larissa began studying flamenco with Esmeralda Enrique as a young girl living in Toronto before her move to London.

From left to right:  Carla  (teaches Sevillanas at Esmeralda's studio), Catherine also performs with another Toronto company, Lia has recently moved from Vancouver, Ben and Dennis (our guitarists), Tamar sings with Esmeralda's company and is currently my singing teacher, and in front is Shirley, who also sings for Esmeralda and in polka dot skirt is Rei, a little firecracker of a dancer!!!

Rei and I met in September at cuadro (performance group) and I have been blessed to sing for her and learn from her extraordinary pool of flamenco knowledge. 

Ole Flamenguitos!! 


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