Sunday, 22 April 2012

Best International Record Store Day ever!!

First of all, thanks to my FB friends who informed me that it was IRSD!  No clue without you:)

Was it kismet then, that Jannet, Marla and I were going to see Sound it Out that very day at Bloor Cinema?  Must be so. There is no down side to this doc, so good.  Maybe one downside.  Two of the boys needed sub-titles, couldn't understand a word they were saying.  Hilarious!!

Check out the link, see if you can download, buy it, rent it at Queen Video, get to Bloor Cinema before Wednesday, April 25.  If you are a music fan and swoon when you see a record shop, this one's for you.

But there is more kismet-ness.  We had time before the film and, with the intent of getting something to eat, we walked down Markham Street, one block east of Bathurst off  Bloor. Our hearts were going pitty-pat at the vintage clothing shops but, then we see a tiny, used record shop.  How could we not go in on IRSD!!

I am always searching bins for flamenco albums mostly for the cover art. Often over-the-top hilarious.  As we didn't have loads of time, I inquired if they had any.  Sadly, nothing turned up in the Latin section.  I wandered and half-heartedly checked out a few other bins.   And then, I saw it.....da da daaaaa.  (FYI-album was in store because it was produced by Tony Visconti, producer extraordinaire of Mr. Bowie.)  I cannot describe the good time that followed with the shop owner, his computer, his turntable and this group!!

Sit back, flashback and enjoy flamenco 1973-style.  Carmen on Midnight Special '74.  Also performing, The Troggs and David Bowie.  You have to last until 2:29 for sure!!!

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