Friday, 20 April 2012

been so long......

Hola todos!!! No excuse for my lengthy absence....I am a serious procrastinator. April has been a frenzy of flamenco with a Film Festival, workshops and performances plus I am still rehearsing for International Dance Day on April 29 plus I got to London for a few days over Easter and I've had job interviews (still no word yet).

Above link is from one of the films at the Flamenco Film Festival.  Several films were part of a four city festival that took place in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Winnipeg, all active flamenco centres in Canada.  Who knew, you say!!!  (A shout out to Halifax, St. John's, NL, Vancouver and Victoria, all cities with mad passion for flamenco, but not part of this film tour.)

The singer is Enrique Morente and the woman you see in pink, is his daughter Estrella Morente.  Both stars in the world of flamenco cante (song).  Loads of videos on You Tube for both of them if you want to hear a sample of their style.  All singers have different flavours and tones and I enjoy both of their voices.

The film is about a project Enrique worked on putting the poetry of Pablo Picasso to flamenco song.  You see Morente in concert, rehearsing and recording as well as him interacting in song with Picasso's artwork at the Museum of Reina Sofia.  He was a pioneer of fusing musical styles, particularly his album "Omega" which features versions of Leonard Cohen songs.

Enrique passed away shortly after the film was completed.  He had gone in to the hospital for routine surgery and died from complications....a great loss of a gentle, compassionate and talented man who saw music as a way to bring people together through the common language and love of music.

hasta luego, ttyl!!

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