Saturday, 21 April 2012

something non-flamenco this month

Several friends in London send me the best info on what is happening in TO which is how I discovered this exhibit.

First thing you need to know is, I am a HUGE fan of Douglas Coupland.  Stood-in-line-for-hours-at-a-book-signing type of fan!!!  Polaroids from The Dead was the first book I read of his and that was the beginning of my DC book collection.   I'm one of those people who goes to the library for a book, so, to become a buyer was big.   Over his career, he has morphed from author of fiction and non-fiction into a modern day renaissance man putting his spin on art, photography, sculpture, film and television.  I don't love, love, love everything he does, but, I can't stay away!!!

The gallery was also a new discovery for me in the Lansdowne/Bloor area.  Kudos to Douglas for supporting a gallery off the beaten path in TO.

Check out the exhibit:

Check out his website:

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