Monday, 18 June 2012

check it off the list...

I've always been a list girl...I guess I should say a-file-and-a-notebook-and-multiple-pieces-of-paper girl.  When a place intrigues me, I set information aside for future possibilities.  "Places" include cities, countries, restaurants, gardens, spas, retreats, dance studios, button stores and the like.  A few weeks ago, I managed to check one of them off my list and I can say it did not disappoint.

A mild freak out about how much I was working got me motivated (or slightly over-reacting that I was never going to have time to do anything anymore) and on my first day off, I travelled a short ways from my house to the McMichael Gallery in Vaughan, ON.  The number of times I planned to go over the last 15 years, seriously, and I just never went!!!  It's an easy drive north of the 401 on Islington (forget taking the 400) and voila, there you are.

Gorgeous piece of property, no doubt stunning in the fall , short trails to walk, places to picnic, parking is $5.  I had taken a picnic lunch but it was so damn hot I lasted about 20 minutes even in the shade.  I was so pleased with the Group of Seven collection, learning the history of the property and the formation of the group, etc etc.  What totally made my day though, was a special exhibit on until September 3 called Fashionality :  Dress and Identity in Contemporary Canadian Art.  Some day I should buy a camera that is compatible to my Mac!!!  Still can't find photos of my favourites but will keep looking!!!  Here's a few links to give you a taste.

If you like art and you like fashion and you want an easy, not too stressful sized gallery to visit, it's the one!!

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