Wednesday, 25 July 2012

dancin, dancin, she's a dancin machine!

First workshop in two years and I'm alive and it's day three!!!  Seriously, Monday night my left knee and ball of left foot hurt so much I was having panic attacks that I might not be able to make it through the rest of the week.  But, after ice and stretching the following day (and some alcohol the night of), I managed to feel pretty darn good for the next two days.

I am working on a tangos (nothing at all like ballroom/Argentine).  It's a dance for a party atmosphere so it's a cute/sexy/fun/tongue-in-cheek kind of dance.  We are learning a choreography but you can pull it apart to use and make it your own.   The best thing ever is that when I get home I can actually remember the choreography instead of everything being a-huge-blank-as-it-was-so-fast-and-so-beyond -my-skill-set-that-I-shouldn't-have-spent-the-$$$-to-be-in-that-class-kind-of-black-hole!!!  Wow, after 8 years I am sort of starting to get this madness called flamenco!

My day is coming to an early end and my bed is calling to me.  Night all!

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