Saturday, 14 July 2012

Fringe-ing and Bloor Cinema

I sadly must admit I only got to one Fringe show but I visited the Fringe alley several times which was most entertaining.  Beer, people watching, a small performance stage, a Punch and Judy type show and food and art vendors.  The show I saw was entitled Numbers...the artist doing live painting during the performances is a friend of mine from flamenco and the director Lukas, also has connections to flamenco.  A brief description of the show makes you wonder how it can work but work it did!!;postID=5111804979779994353

Fringe Toronto has 155 shows to see over the week.  You need serious time to choose your venues and travel time and decide what shows you want to see.  I had a selection but something else always came sitting on a patio with a friend you ran in to.

I did get to see Coast Modern at the Bloor Cinema this week which was brilliant.  Thanks to Sandra in LO for letting me know what's going on in TO!!!  You are 2 for 2 in recommendations for fabulous films.

Couldn't find a link with film footage but this is the best, if somewhat lengthy, article about the film and the history of this architectural style.  It's the landscaping and view of garden/forest that I really love....and, I'm becoming a minimalist about stuff.  I still like me a couch with comfy cushions and an arm to lean your back up against while snuggled up reading a book or watching a movie.  Mostly I love the open concept of these homes.  I could live in one big room (with a private bath!!!) and be quite happy.

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