Sunday, 9 September 2012

Farewell popcorn land

 Been off the blog because of 1) way too many shifts in popcorn land 2) training for a new job at Loblaws that suddenly came up 3) a popcorn land wrist injury that made typing painful (almost 100% better) and 4) a hellacious bug that laid me flat for about 5 days and two weeks later I am still coughing!!

What do I do on my first day of no longer being a Cineplex employee??  Went to a movie!!  (Cast pass=free). For my last shift, I was assigned to "floor" which means I kept washrooms and theatres clean for 6 hours plus I did theatre checks.  Have you ever noticed staff come in during a movie and look like they want to be anywhere else but in that theatre and then, they go to a piece of paper on the side wall and write something?  That is a theatre check.  You are checking that sound and picture quality are OK, too hot, too cold, no noisy audience members....and you are to do so every 30 minutes.    I don't have to go see Possession now(if I had ever wanted to).  I did not, however, mind going in to check on Dark Knight (Imax and non Imax versions). I wasn't supposed to stand and watch but it's my last night, what are they going to do?  Fire me???

So, Cineplex, cheers to you and my brief employee stint from May 5, 2012 until September 8, 2012.  Best perk?  Free movie passes once a week.  Did I have time to go to a movie once a week?  Absolutely not!  What did I see?  Dark Shadows, Avengers, Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Hunger Games, Step Up Revolution, Moonrise Kingdom and Robot & Frank.

Least liked?  Sadly Dark Shadows. Favourite? Dark Knight followed closely by Avengers.  Most delightful?  Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Fav quirky and clever?  Moonrise Kingdom hands down with kudos to Robot & Frank.  Not exactly a Siskel & Ebert quality review but short and sweet, just like my length of employment with Cineplex!

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