Friday, 14 October 2011

places and people I won't forget...

Sequential blog entries, bah, who needs 'em....jumping back to 2 weeks ago now.

When you are in downtown TO, you might notice flyers posted everywhere about movies you can go see at a place called Cineforum.  I'd seen them for years and was intrigued by movie titles and lectures/ discussions but I never got myself there.  A few weeks ago I was invited by a friend to join her for a film.  When I arrived at the address she gave me, I was at Cineforum and was meeting Reg Hartt.

Reg lives in a narrow, old Victorian on Bathurst near College and runs a small theatre out of his house.  The living room and dining room have been "converted" into the theatre space and also acts as his work area.  There is a bank of electronics that would make any film/music techie drool.  As a matter of fact, while we were arriving, he filmed us on his front porch chatting and then showed us ourselves in 3D.  The camera looked like a typical tiny digital and the 3D glasses were battery powered in super geeky frames (sans bandaid on the nose piece).  If I were a techie I would have remembered ALL the stuff he said about them.  They weren't the cardboard ones you get at the theatres for sure!!  So, basically, there are about 20 rolling office chairs in a very tiny space and you take a seat and enjoy.  We brought snacks etc and had a great time chatting before and after the film.

Reg is one committed film buff and one smart cookie too. You know, the ones that make you wish you were smarter or at least more articulate and you weren't standing there feeling like English is suddenly not your first language.  It doesn't feel like a  put-down, you just know this man has a brain and an intense passion about what he does and thinks and feels.

I will gladly go back to check out Cineforum again sometime and if you want to see what kinds of movies I  am talking about check out his schedule at  It was cool.

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