Wednesday, 26 October 2011

...silence is golden....

as per Facebook post, yes, I hooted, I hollered and shouted over loud music and then tried to rehearse the next Monday, I totally lost my voice and it was sore too, not just hoarse. I have gargled, sipped and sucked on some pretty disgusting concoctions!! Seriously freaked out as show is(was) Nov 26.

Last few days in a nutshell, NO talking for 2 days, nearly damn impossible! Went to rehearsal Tuesday night but knew I was not going to sing. As a group it was decided that we will not be comfortably ready for Nov 26 and we had lost our original venue due to closure. Everyone's rent is going up and many small (i.e. cheaper performance spaces) are moving or closing. So, I can rest my voice a bit longer. Some of the flamencas have a vocal coach I plan to check out. I have a cante class tonight so I am going to sing a bit and see how it goes. Wish me luck!

I am now going to admit defeat...I told myself I would not drive my car downtown for Tuesday rehearsals(8:30-10pm)until the snow fell. I can park near the studio for $5 after 6pm, it costs me $3 each way for subway, we went over time last night so I missed my connecting bus and didn't get home till after midnite in the RAIN...nope, I'm done with that!

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