Wednesday, 26 October 2011

sittin' in the morning sun...

Well, not morning's 1:30 pm and I just got up. Uh huh, yes I did, I did some serious sleeping in! Had to get outside asap as it is 16 glorious degrees. Last night was Fedora Upside Down...picture this...Ukrainian Cultural Centre (old community hall from a time when they knew how to build a room with a stage, good acoustics and huge dance floor). Fifteen klezmer/gypsy/jazz/flamenco bands sharing each others musicians, an artists collective turning the place in to a mountain meadow...seriously, a grove of trees, and mountains big and small (imagine tarp teepees), extraordinary food for $5 a heaping plate, alcohol, tubas and accordions galore.

Lots of parents of the musicians and neighbours of the community centre came out and it was so fun watching people really dance and sing along to all the songs. You know, if guys would just figure out that knowing how to foxtrot, jive and maybe even polka is very attractive...I'm just sayin' can't take your eyes off an older gentlemen gliding across the floor with his partner in a delicate embrace. Sigh:)))

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  1. So true--nothing like a man who knows how to dress well, and guide a woman across a dance floor. Sounds like such a fun evening!