Sunday, 6 November 2011


I started a second dance class this week...after a year of no dancing.....ouch.....feet....I forgot how much your feet can hurt! Hello ice packs! For the month of November (at least) a new teacher, recently arrived from Cuba, is offering classes.

Cuba? Flamenco?? Si. Danza Cuba is a phenomenal company trained by the brilliant Lizt Alfonso. A documentary, which Veronica Tennant was actively involved in developing, was presented at Luminato a few years ago entitled Vida (life). I wonder if it runs on Bravo sometimes? (fyi clip above is not from Vida). Ima and her partner, who played cajon, were so enthusiastic when we got the footwork right we were cheering! Have not laughed that much in a dance class ever!

It was not only my second class of the week but my first class of 1 hour and 30 minutes...another reason for the ouch factor! The two palos (styles) taught were tangos and bulerias. There was no way I was going to dance for 3 hours so I opted for bulerias. Bulerias is my nemesis....this is a style you would break into on your own at a party and improvise. Me, not so good at it! I also have a mental block against it as I find the cante (singing) difficult. So, I am taking it on head first....focusing on the cante and the baile this year to see if I can get somewhere with it. We'll see!

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