Friday, 4 November 2011

I have a roommate!!

Christine finally arrived home from Europe last night. The original return date was October 15 but a decision was made to stay two weeks longer as classes were going so well. And, arriving with her is a suitcase full of frilly flamenco dresses and a glorious shawl with trim and fringe that must be a foot wide....gorgeous!!! As well, Christine scored Farruca pants!!! Insert explanation here: visualize the classic male flamenco dancer with the high waisted black pants and skinny leg. Historically only men danced Farruca but now women do as well. However, it simply does not suit being performed in female attire. There was a serious search in Seville for the pants and she finally found them in her size the last day!!! It was meant to be.....

The second return date was supposed to be October 31 but a rotating Air France strike cancelled her flight from Seville to Paris. After a horrible weekend of trying to figure out how to get home, it worked out it was best if she stayed in Seville in the apartment she was renting as it was available and, finally, it was a for sure that she could leave on November 3. Now she just had to get to Paris. Here's the kicker, any cost that was incurred with arranging travel to Paris and extra accommodation is not covered by travel insurance as it was an announced strike!!! Wtf!!! Even if you read the fine print I doubt you would be able to figure out what they really do cover. She has been told to submit all expenses and they will make a decision in three weeks. Seriously!!??

So the dining room table currently looks like a clown's tickle trunk exploded. Cream and crimson and silver and rose and azure and lemon and russet and gray and purple and white and pink and orange and many of you got through that without singing!?

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  1. You should have posted a photo of the rainbow of ruffles!