Friday, 14 November 2014

Thelma and Louise move over!

make room for Kazz and DMarie!  See what you can find when you are going through old emails!  This was a trip in August 2008.

a.k.a the "we think we are 20" road trip. We've got a full tank of gas, our sunglasses on and a bottle of...........ibuprofen!!!!  Karen and I left Portland and drove down to Grants Pass (almost to California border). We crossed over the mountains at Bear Pass to get to the coast. This road is not open in the winter....remember the couple that got stranded and the husband tried to walk for help and died last winter???? Yeah, that Pass!!!! Imagine sharp hairpins the entire time on a single lane road that allows for two way traffic!!!! Most of the traffic are the trucks with the dinghies coming back up the mountain so people can ride down the Rogue River and they don't give a shit that anyone else is on the road.  Let me tell you, Karen (aka Kazz) is the best driver ever!!! 

At the summit, the eagles were flying at eye level. I'm surprised the knocking of my knees was not scaring them away!!! I seriously could barely get out of the car from passenger exhaustion!!!  We arrived at the coast and splurged on a hotel on the beach so we could fall asleep to the sound of the ocean. The next day we headed down 101 (not Highway 1 right on the coast but still so beautiful) to San Anselmo just north of San Fran. We left Oregon at 58 degrees and got to Santa Rosa at 99!!! The redwoods in Northern Cali are magnificent. If you ever have time you need to put this on a "must visit" list.  I wish we had more time to stop but we were on a mission. We had a blast visiting Jennifer and Ken for two days and then we drove home in one day....11 hours from door to door and 1400 miles in total!!! O yeah, and we drove thru 111 degrees in northern Cali...I put my hand out the window of the car and the wind  felt like it was burning my skin!!!

This next part makes me sound a little crazy! So, after the five day "we think we are 20" road trip, I stayed in Portland for four more days and then I flew back to Oakland, California, the closest airport to San Anselmo, to stay with Jennifer.  I could have let Kazz drive home by herself but once I saw I could get a flight for $80, why not finish the trip? Where in Canada can you fly the equivalent of a 10 hour drive for $80 I ask you? I have been to aquatic fitness in an outdoor pool. It's gorgeous working out in the sun in a pool. In San Anselmo area, it is usually around 80 with a cool breeze this time of year. The day we went in to San Fran, it was 60 in the city and I nearly froze!!! Always remember to layer here!  Yesterday we drove up to Calistoga Hot Springs  and we spent the day at the mineral pools...4 pools, various temperatures, one is a whirlpool. For $5 for the whole day you get the use of the mineral pools,  lounge chairs, they provide towels, you bring your own food and BOOZE...champagne all day by the cabanas so you never really get too hot. Very civilized!!! The day closed with a gorgeous early evening drive home thru Sonoma and Napa Valley.

For  my last few days here, we will be visiting a Buddhist monastery, Spirit Rock, for one of the Monday night "talks and meditations" which I am really looking forward to.  We also are going back into San Fran for the Frida Kahlo exhibit and then, on the Long Weekend, we are headed to the coast!

NOTE rereading this, I have no idea what the two past habit

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