Monday, 15 September 2014

Bowie Is....still on my mind

Two events are still posted on my phone, can't erase either of them from the technology or my brain. The first event is from Nov 2013, near the end of the run of Bowie is. Hindsight??  Should have gone earlier so I could go twice, it was that good.  As it was, I went the second last week and could not fit it in again sadly.   I spent 3 hours and barely had enough time for the last room where I could have sat for a very long time. How did he know his fabulousness and realize from the start to keep everything! All items in the exhibition were from his own collection that he maintains himself!  The drawings of sets, costumes and even the haircuts for his first bands and the video of a mime performance stand out for me.  For more details, here's one link, kind of academic or this one for a killer blog about her experience by the forestcityfashionista aka Shelley. Will tell you about the other event I can't erase in another blog soon.  Notice I am not commenting on how long it has been since my last blog!

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