Saturday, 8 February 2014

Comfort Maple

You probably think this is going to be about ice cream but it's really about a tree.  As I have been purging and organizing my life this past month, I have come across blogworthy stuff from 2013.

I said goodbye to 2013 with a wiping of the brow and a great big exhale, phew!  As some of you know it was a year overshadowed by the loss of two long-time friends.  I thought I had thicker skin after dealing with the loss of my parents but I found out that indeed, I did not.  With a 3 week stay in London for Christmas and spending quality time with friends and a lot of time sleeping, I started to finally feel myself again.  Truthfully, I wasn't sure it would happen so yay 2014...feeling more myself every day:)

This tree makes me smile so I thought I would share.  It stands in a super tiny little "park" near Vineland, ON.  Tree huggers unite! The care and devotion for the Comfort maple is extraordinary.  Not sure how it made it through this years ice and snow but will check with some friends to find out.

January 2013

it would take four people joining hands to encircle the tree (four people with my size arms)

wires for support 

a love story about a tree

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