Thursday, 9 May 2013

I love Hot Docs!

I love at TIFF, docs at Bloor Cinema, and most recently, docs at Hot Docs.  The weather could not have been more brilliant for standing in line and chatting with fellow docophiles (hmm, did I just make up a word?)  My programme was well circled and high-lighted but, due to time constraints,  I had to curtail myself (a lot) while still managing to miraculously fit in three of my top choices.  Articles and trailers follow for Tiny, The Man Who Made Angels Fly, Everybody Street and Flo.

 For those of you that have heard me say I want to go off the grid and live in a trailer, this is what I'm talking about!!  BUT, I am more of a tiny-near-the-city as opposed to tiny-in-the-middle-of-nowhere kind o' gal.

Unbelievable art form.  His ability to recreate minute movement with stringed marionettes took your breath away.  Sadly could not stay for the q&a after, would have loved to have heard more.

I attached a long review but so many great clips and info about the photographers. Some of it's pretty raw.

FLO documentary trailer on Vimeo

This was my fav!  It was a short that played before Everybody Street.  Meet Flo, she's sheer inspiration:) I only looked briefly but if you can find the full length version (15 min??), it's so brilliant.


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  1. OMG, I've got to find the full version of the doc about Flo, she's amazing! I'll check out the other ones too. Wish I could have been in Toronto for this.