Monday, 14 January 2013

Frida and Diego

The AGO curated an amazing collection for the Kahlo/Diego show which ends Jan 20.  So, all you last minute people, it's worth fitting it in.  

Really enjoyed seeing Diego's artistic breadth.  He could paint in the style of the Grand Masters as well as abstract and I've  been a fan of his murals forever.  The content of some of Frida's self-portraits tend to unsettle me but seeing the detail of her work up close, man, check out how she paints hair.  Fine tiny perfect brush stokes every time.

Being articulate today is proving quite strenuous, so I'm going to cut this short.  There was also a fabulous ofreta to acknowledge the Day of the Dead and some oversize skeletal Day of the Dead "puppets" of Diego and Kahlo which were a surprise after you left the gift shop.  Might I just say, it was the best gift shop I have ever seen.  Special bonus if you go now, I hear everything is 50% off!!!  

We finished off the show with a hot chocolate and a Kahlo cookie!

PS   check out Barbara Kingsolver's book, The Lacuna, to spend some more time with Diego and Frida. 

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  1. You're the third person to recommend Kingsolver's book - I'm going to have to read it! I wish I could get to the gift shop to grab up some half-price Frida fabulousness...