Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Coupland and Sudafed....

Been up to some non-flamenco activity again this's like giving up something for Lent....gotta do it every now and then to see what is really in control of your life.

Just spent an hour or so catching up on my other fav blog sites and got inspired/guilted in to posting.  So back to Dougie and sudafed!!!

Rhonda Nolan and I went to hear Douglas lecture at a Harbourfront series (see  link below).  He was so apologetic from the get-go about being bitten by some evil flu bug that affected his throat etc.  Why he chose Sudafed I have no idea but he decided that one was not enough and chose to superdose himself.  Et voila!!  The spacing out was evident.  But, you know what?  DC on 5 Sudafeds is still an unbelievable brain to experience.

I have been a fan since I read Polaroids from The Dead and have all his books, some of them signed.  I waited one time for 3 hours to chat with him at a book signing.  He's not everyone's cup of tea and I certainly can say his latest, Highly Inappropriate Tales for Young People, is exactly that!!!  Don't need that one in my collection.  He's my renaissance man, books, television, art, installations, design.   I admire and am jealous of his brain all at the same time.

The Power Plant - Douglas Coupland - 2012 - Lectures / International Lecture Series – Programs & Events – The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery – Harbourfront Centre

Been sitting here to long, my legs are numb, tea is cold an tumbly is rumbly....more to come of my December events, hopefully sooner than later:)))

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