Thursday, 22 March 2012

look what I found now...

In one of my 5-boxes-of-life, I found some disposable cameras that I finally got developed. Both cameras were from my trip out to BC several summers ago. These shots are from a fabulous festival of lights, as I have no memory, that might actually be the name??? The park is old and well treed with ponds and playgrounds and foot bridges and paths to wander and then, for the festival, Led installations are everywhere....think Christmas but way cooler. You expect Santa and his reindeer.

In one pond, the installation had koi leaping out of the water and splashing back down. It was mesmerizing. Individuals and groups of friends put things together too. There was an awesome spaceship and spaceman. Think the Halloween costumes you used to make. The spaceship was a tent in a former life and the spaceman had that "Danger Will Robinson" look to him. Sadly, the pic I took is way too dark.

The best fun for me though, were the costumes....serious time and thought put in to them!! Out of this world. Click on the photos for a bit closer look.

Hmmm, this post was supposed to have the writing beside the pics but I am done with my computer for the should have seen how much time I wasted trying to get the pics sent through in this really cool format on Iphoto which for some reason, wouldn't work. Will post more pics from that trip later. Nighty night!!

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