Tuesday, 17 January 2012

what a way to start 2012

I have spent more hours and brain cells than I could have imagined since I got back from Cali Jan 9 creating, typing, editing and making myself appear fabulous on paper. Yes, resume writing and cover letters! Since I have not had to apply for a job since 1978, there was a bit of learning curve to refresh how to do it. Plus, writing to impress!! There's a skill I haven't used in awhile.

The process of applying for a job now strikes me as so impersonal. Only a few businesses would allow you to drop off the application in person. However, when you did, there was no manager available to give it to or have a moment to speak with. I watched as I passed my application to a busy multi-tasking customer service person who barely looked up and casually dropped it on a big pile of other stuff. Oh, where did you end up my long and hard-worked on application?? How does one follow up on that experience? "Hello, I dropped off an application a few days ago. Would anyone have any idea where it is?"

The biggest learning curve for me has been stepping outside the confort zone of my luddite computer skills. I am so blown away by what I have accomplished in just over a week......I have uploaded CV's and cover letters and created search agents within different corporate career zones, I have copied and pasted and dragged and trashed and have become fond of my new memory stick. Yes, still no printer set up at the house so printing anything has required a trip to my library (only five minutes away, thankfully).

Really?? All this for a part-time job in retail?? Wow, not sure the computer has streamlined the process for the applicant. For those who are out there unemployed going through this process, I can't imagine how it makes them feel. I'm looking for a little part-time retail job so I don't have to think about how much I can spend on classes. It just seems so impersonal and disconnected and like you've not really made any contact. How do I know if they even noticed my resume and cover letter? After all my hard work!!!

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